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Selfexpandable Nitinol Stent System OTW 0,035" GW

Ideal vessel adpation due to new flex design

Advantage of the pull back handle
Easy stent release
Exact positioning
No stent jumping

The catheter shaft
High flexible shaft ideal for cross-over technique
Excellent trackability, pushability and optimal kinking performance

The Stent
3 Tantalum marker per stent end
High flex stent design from 4 to 8mm
Higher radial force from 9 to 12mm
Stent length up to 100mm

Technical Details Stent

Type of design
Slotted tube 3 interlinks
per segment
Material Nitinol
Expansion range
4-7 mm          8mm          9-12mm
Strut thickness
210µm          230µm          230µm
Strut width (Main segment) 113µm          135µm          170µm
Strut width (Interlink) 111µm          115µm          210µm
Metal coverage
12% - 27%
Marker 3 Tantalum Marker

Technical Details Catheter

Usable length
85 cm / 135 cm
Shaft size
6 F
Marker band
Platinum / Iridium
Recommended guide wire

Size and Order Matrix

Shaft length
85 cm
Stent length [mm]
20 mm 30 mm 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm
4.00 mm RSO04020085 RSO04030085 RSO04040085 RSO04060085 RSO04080085 RSO04100085
5.00 mm RSO05020085 RSO05030085 RSO05040085 RSO05060085 RSO05080085 RSO05100085
6.00 mm RSO06020085 RSO06030085 RSO06040085 RSO06060085 RSO06080085 RSO06100085
7.00 mm RSO07020085 RSO07030085 RSO07040085 RSO07060085 RSO07080085 RSO07100085
8.00 mm RSO08020085 RSO08030085 RSO08040085 RSO08060085 RSO08080085 RSO08100085
9.00 mm RSO09020085 RSO09030085 RSO09040085 RSO09060085 RSO09080085 -
10.00 mm RSO10020085 RSO10030085 RSO10040085 RSO10060085 RSO10080085 -
12.00 mm RSO12020085 RSO12030085 RSO12040085 RSO12060085 RSO12080085 -

Shaft length
135 cm
Stent length [mm]
20 mm 30 mm 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm
4.00 mm RSO04020135 RSO04030135 RSO04040135 RSO04060135 RSO04080135 RSO04100135
5.00 mm RSO05020135 RSO05030135 RSO05040135 RSO05060135 RSO05080135 RSO05100135
6.00 mm RSO06020135 RSO06030135 RSO06040135 RSO06060135 RSO06080135 RSO06100135
7.00 mm RSO07020135 RSO07030135 RSO07040135 RSO07060135 RSO07080135 RSO07100135
8.00 mm RSO08020135 RSO08030135 RSO08040135 RSO08060135 RSO08080135 RSO08100135

Pull back for easy stent release

Flexible soft tip

Expanded Stent